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Field of application of the D-5 admixture

Industrial and civil engineering:
  • foundations and underground parts of buildings and structures;
  • piles of all types;
  • columns, beams, trusses, stairs and other structures;
  • monolithic and prefabricated slabs, including pre-stressed slabs;
  • multistory buildings;
  • chimneys;
  • power transmission towers;
  • elevators;
  • television towers;
  • screeds, including screeds for heated floors;
  • plaster works, including gunite works and works in rooms with increased humidity and fungus;
  • cut-off waterproofing.
Road construction:
  • concrete and reinforced concrete structures and road construction elements, including pre-stressed ones;
  • bridges;
  • trestles;
  • tunnels, including for metro stations;
  • columns and poles;
  • ties;
  • runways of airfields.
Hydraulic construction:
  • dams, daily run-off ponds;
  • derivation tunnels, water conduits, spillways and other hydraulic structures;
  • sea and river ports, piers;
  • fortification of banks and embankments;
  • pressure and non-pressure pipes;
  • swimming pools, fish breeding pools;
  • drinking water and water treatment tanks, fire tanks;
  • tanks for storage of oil, oil products and oil waste;
  • treatment facilities.
Well drilling, mine and construction:
  • production of grouting mortars;
  • cementation of space behind concrete in tunnels and mines;
  • stowing mixes for excavations.
Dry building mixes:
  • waterproofing compounds;
  • screeds, including screeds for heated floors;
  • plaster compositions, including facade compositions;
  • adhesive compounds;
  • cement mixtures for various purposes.
Production of small-size concrete products:
  • hyperpressed brick;
  • paving slabs;
  • street furniture;
  • polystyrene concrete;
  • claydite concrete;
  • not autoclaved gas concrete.

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