Разработана новая продукция: Диэлектрический Пластификатор | "TOKAR" LLC

New products developed: Dielectric Plasticizer

New products developed: Dielectric Plasticizer

As a result of lengthy research, we have developed new products: Dielectric Plasticizer (DEP).

DEP is an organo-mineral additive to concrete and mortar, made from environmentally friendly and carefully selected components. As a result of the interaction of cement with DEP components at the nano level, concrete acquires unique dielectric properties along with increased strength, waterproofness and ductility. Concrete (mortar) becomes an insulator. This is a very important property required for products such as concrete electric heaters.

New products have been thoroughly tested, and we are starting to industrialize them.

The recommended dosage is 3-4% by weight of cement.