What if the basement of a house leaks and is filled with water during rain? | "TOKAR" LLC

What if the basement of a house leaks and is filled with water during rain?

First of all, drain the basements using a depth pump. After that, it is necessary to dig a hole, about 1 m deep below the floor level of the basement and put a subsurface pump of sufficient power capable to pump water.

Then wash and clean the walls and floor of the basement from dirt and loose concrete. Reinforce the basement floor and walls with a mesh reinforcement designed to withstand water pressure from below to the basement bottom and from the side to the basement walls (it is necessary to know the basement depth and dimensions of the rooms in the basement). Reinforcement diameter is determined by calculation. A reinforcement cell is selected from 150х150 to 200х200 mm. The hole with the operating subsurface pump is also covered by a reinforcement mesh allowing subsequently to pull out the pump.
Make waterproof concrete using the D-5 admixture (3% of cement weight) and fill with such concrete a layer 15-20 cm thick on the basement floor (leave only the hole with operating pump). The concrete mixture must be vibrated while pouring. The walls of the basement are concreted to the height of maximum water rise plus 50-70 cm. The thickness of the concrete of the walls should be not less than 10 cm to ensure the possibility to vibrate the walls with deep vibrators.
It is important to ensure in accordance with our Recommendations that “cold” joints do not leak.

Wall forms can be removed after 2 days.
The required quantity of waterproof concrete with the D-5 admixture (at a proportion of 3% of cement weight) and standard fluidity (1-9 cm) should be prepared for walls stripping. The volume of concrete should be about 30% more than the volume of the hole in the basement floor. Turn off the water pump and pull the pump out of the hole. Immediately after that fill the hole with concrete compressing with a deep vibrator. After this, water resistance of the basement will be ensured for the whole life of the building