How to use the d-5 admixture to produce waterproof concrete? | "TOKAR" LLC

How to use the d-5 admixture to produce waterproof concrete?

Before using the D-5 admixture  you should clearly understand that all its properties are interrelated. Using the D-5 admixture you will produce not only waterproof concrete, but also concrete with accelerated hardening process, with increased strength, with increased frost resistance, sulfate resistance, high-plastic, without stratification and water separation, with regulated air treatment, and with high preservation of concrete mixture, i.e. concrete will have all the properties, which are detailed in the section about the D-5 admixture.

The technology is very simple. You should add the dry D-5 admixture into concrete mixer simultaneously with sand or cement. Recommended dosage is about 2-3% of cement weight. All components of the concrete mixture are added into the concrete mixer as usual. Pay special attention to the fact that the amount of mixing water should be reduced by 20-30% compared to conventional concrete without admixtures. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO USE TOO MUCH WATER. The amount of water should be selected experimentally based on the desired fluidity of the mixture.

All other similar components and plasticizers should be excluded from the concrete if you use the D-5 admixture.