No waterproofing needed


Its most important property is the production of waterproof and sulfate-resistant concrete, which can be used for a long time (at least 50 years) in water-saturated soils or directly in water without the use of any additional waterproofing, including in sea water and other aggressive environments.


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The use of D-5

Since 2006, D-5 has been manufactured commercially
and is widely used in construction.

Civil structures

It does not contain components hazardous to cement stone and reinforcement, does not form toxic compounds in air and in water.

Hydraulic structures

Concrete with D-5 acquire the highest possible water resistance to W20 or more.

Swimming pools

High water resistance of concrete with the addition of D-5 is maintained for the entire life of the structure.

Underground garages

The use of additives D-5 eliminates the additional waterproofing of concrete.

Drinking water tanks

Additive D-5 approved for the production of concrete and reinforced concrete structures in contact with drinking water


The use of D-5 additive increases the strength of concrete at the age of 28 days by 30% - 50% compared with concrete without additives


Gives the concrete mix water-holding ability, prevents stratification and improves pumpability.

Beware of fakes

We do not have any branches, subsidiaries or other units producing the D-5 additive or a similar additive under a different name!

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About "Tokar" LLC

“TOKAR” LLC is the developer and exclusive producer in Russia of a highly efficient multi-functional chemical admixture polyfunctional to concrete, solutions, dry construction mixtures and cement.

The company has its own testing laboratory and pays  serious attention to the quality of products. TOKAR LLC has implemented ISO-9001-2015 quality management system. There is a strict control of the quality of the raw materials, control over compliance with the production technology, and the quality of the final products.


Why D-5?

  • 01D-5 additive is developed on the basis of environmentally friendly natural mineral components and modified superplasticizers (all Russian raw materials are of high quality).
  • 02Strict quality control of raw materials, monitoring of compliance with production technology and quality control of the final product are carried out.
  • 03Each batch of products is checked and allowed for sale only after the conclusion of the testing laboratory.
  • 04At the enterprise, the most serious attention is paid to product quality. It has its own testing laboratory. We have implemented a quality management system ISO-9001-2015.


Can the d-5 admixture help solve the problem of a leaking roof in the house?

Yes, it will help. You should pour a layer of concrete the existing floor with reinforcement mesh using the D-5 admixture (3% of the weight of cement).

The thickness of the concrete slab should not be less than 20 cm. It is not recommended to use cement-sand grout as the only layer of waterproofing in flat roofs, if reinforced concrete structures are made without it. In thin cement-sand grouts located under the open air permanent changes of temperature (day-night, winter-summer) lead to through microcracks.

This leads to damage in their waterproofing. In such cases it is necessary to provide additional reliable waterproofing. It is recommended to use a flat roof slab from monolithic reinforced concrete with the D-5 admixture at least 200 mm thick.

The slab will have its own high waterproofness, so the microcracks will not develop along the entire thickness of the slab, and no additional waterproofing will be required.

Is it possible to use the d-5 admixture for prestressed reinforced concrete structures?

Yes, it is possible. This is confirmed by the Certificate of Conformity of the D-5 admixture, as well as by the experts’ report of the Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Research Institute  titled after A. Gvozdev. Many concrete admixtures contain chemical, aggressive components. Hardening accelerators often contain chlorine. In pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures they cause corrosion of reinforcement. Therefore, that kind of admixtures could be used not everywhere. The D-5 admixture has no restrictions, as it is based on mineral, natural raw materials.    Moreover, the D-5 admixture is recommended for use in pre-stressed floor slab manufacturing technology as it prevents corrosion of reinforcement in concrete. As an example we can mention the plant of reinforced concrete structures in Armavir, with which we have been cooperating since 2010. You can see the feedback on our website.

Is it possible to exclude the “steaming” process when making prestressed floor slabs?

Using the D-5 admixture (3% of the cement weight), it is possible to replace the “steaming” process with normal heating at 30 – 50 < sup > 0 </sup > C, i.e. to replace the steaming process with fan heater with automatic temperature control. To avoid loss of moisture from concrete, the slabs must be covered with film.

Is it possible to eliminate continuous concreting with the d-5 admixture?

Yes, it is possible. “Cold” joints in concretes with the  D-5 admixture do not leak, even if the break in concreting is 3-4 weeks. You just need to take several simple steps (see our website, section “Recommendations to use  the D-5 admixture”).

Is the D-5 an expansion admixture?

No, the D-5 is not an expansion admixture. The concrete shrinkage with it is significantly less than without the D-5 admixture. Therefore, there are almost no shrinkage cracks in concretes with the D-5. Expansion admixtures can lead to self-destruction of concrete. With the D-5 admixture such risks are completely excluded.

Does the temperature of the concrete rise when the d-5 is added and mixed?

No, since there are no components in the D-5 admixture that raise the temperature of the concrete.

What is the d-5 admixture proportion for commercial concrete and concrete goods?

For both commercial concrete and concrete goods the recommended proportion is 2-3% of the weight of cement. The higher the proportion, the better the effect. The amount of the admixture in each particular case is selected individually depending on the required properties: strength, fluidity, water resistance W, frost resistance F, and others.

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Advantages of using the multifunctional additive D-5

  • The D-5 additive accelerates the concrete strength set by almost 2 times
  • Increases the strength of concrete at the age of 28 days by 30-70% compared with concrete without additives
  • Plasticizes concrete mix and prevents its delamination
  • D-5 has a unique property of "self-healing" of through cracks, which ensures leak-proofing of "cold" joints in concrete.

improves adhesion of concrete with any building materials

to 30%

allows you to reduce the V / C and plasticizes the concrete mixture from P-1 to P-5

to 3-4%

increases air entrainment in concrete mix

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